Our goal is to manage campaigns for our clients in high demand markets and deliver the results we’ve done thus far. How we plan on doing this is by implementing our top-notch training program for our employees to transition into top performing managers within our organization.

Our Mission

We believe that our integrity, character & work ethic are a direct reflection of the possibilities we have created with our clients. Our commitment to uphold these standards ensures that our relationships will grow even stronger over time to provide the same growth opportunities we have for our employees.

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We’re a company that focuses on the development of our team. Integrity is our core value. The value we bring to our client is in our expertise of sales acquisition and retention. Our continued promise is to bring great quality customers to our clients and provide a work environment conducive to the growth of our employees.


We provide on-going development through our day-to-day training, regional and national conferences, executive coaching and strategic career advising tailored to each individual’s goals.

The future and foundation of our company is in our people, and helping each and every member of our team developing not only professionally but personally as well. When every member of our dynamic team hits their goals, as a company we will have hit ours!

Our Core Values

Donny Boyer had a chance to discuss the core values of Infinite Direct on 103.5 KTU with Cindy Vero

President Donny Boyer

As heard on 103.5 KTU

President Donny Boyer

our culture

At Infinite Direct we believe that the success and growth of our company starts with the people we hire. Which is exactly why we foster a culture around the interests and goals of each member within the organization.

We believe in not just providing someone a job, but in providing an opportunity for growth and inspiring our people to reach their full potential and achieve greatness! At the end of the day, we strive to be great and have fun while accomplishing our goals.